Specken Hydraulics specializes in the manufacture of customized hydraulic systems. We have also delivered great products for the shipping and offshore industry. Among other things:

  • electrically driven hydraulic units
  • diesel powered hydraulic units
  • emergency shutdown systems
  • pressure transducers

Hydraulic components according to your requirements and wishes

Due to changes in the production process or change of raw material, different requirements may be imposed on the components of your hydraulic installation. For example, consider a different type of seal in a hydraulic cylinder or a special manifold. Specken Hydraulics has years of experience, a specialist team and the machine park to manufacture customized components for you.

Looking for a customized solution for your hydraulic installation?

From completely new hydraulic installations and control systems to the copying of hydraulic components that are no longer available. In all cases we will look for the best solution for your company.

Want to know more about our customized hydraulic solutions?

Contact us and we’ll be happy to help.