ISO 9001: 2015 and VCA ** 2017 / 6.0 certified

Specken Hydraulics has very well-equipped workshops, fully equipped service buses and a 20-foot mobile workshop container.

Fast hydraulic service on location

We attach great importance to the continuity of your business processes. Our experienced hydraulic engineers are always on site quickly and have everything ‘on board’ from their service bus for the most optimal service. From essential tools to hydraulic components . If the location requires it, they also have a compressor or unit. It makes us the ideal partner in case of emergencies. We are available for you 24/7, wherever and whenever you want.

Hydraulics workshop container

For long-term projects we have set up a 20-foot container as a hydraulic workshop. This is used for projects on port sites and factory sites during maintenance projects. Our hydraulic engineers have specialized machines in this mobile workshop. The delivery of piping and piping, control / control cabinets and other components takes place in a safe manner under lock and key. Our workshop container has sailed various oceans during work on board ships.

Workplace of hydraulic specialists

Our workplace in Alblasserdam, in the Rotterdam region , is divided into two parts:

  • The machining workshop is equipped with various machining machines such as a lathe, a drilling machine, a semi-cnc milling machine and a honing machine.
  • (dis) assembly, inspection and testing work is carried out in the test workshop. We can test hydraulic pumps and engines on our diesel test bench up to 730kW

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