Keep your business running. That is the purpose of Specken Hydraulics. Our workshop has various machining machines such as a lathe, a drilling machine, a semi-cnc milling machine and a honing machine. We work with periodically NEN3140 approved machines and tools for repairing, maintaining, modifying and manufacturing hydraulic systems and components.

We disassemble and overhaul hydraulic cylinders on our cylinder bank

We have developed a hydraulic system for opening cylinders: The system works up to a force of 350,000 Nm. With our honing tools, we swear away 1/1000 mm of unevenness. We also manufacture and replace a cylinder head in-house. After testing and, if desired, inspection by the certification body, the cylinder is prepared for transport and, if necessary, replaced and put into operation by our engineers.

Workshop and hydraulic breakdown service available 24/7

Our professional hydraulic mechanics and well-equipped workshop are available to you 24/7. We can do a lot in-house. This allows us to switch very quickly. Downtime as a result of a malfunction is therefore kept to a minimum with Specken Hydraulics.

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