Damaged cylinders do not always have to be replaced for new cylinders. Specken Hydraulics inspects critically: Is overhaul possible? Is it price wise sensible? Or a long delivery time for a new cylinder is not an option due to downtime of the production machine.

Cylinder overhaul bench

The workshop of Specken Hydraulics is equipped with a cylinder overhaul bench, on which we disassemble and overhaul hydraulic cylinders up to approx. 5 meters. We have developed a hydraulic system for opening cylinders: The system works up to a force of 350,000 Nm! We honing 1/1000 mm away from irregularities with our honing tool.

Specken Hydraulics overhauls cylinders and gives them new production time.

Hydraulic cylinder overhaul process:

  • Cylinder can be disassembled by our employees if desired, or delivered to our workshop.
  • Mechanic receives order form with recording form, photos are taken.
  • If desired, reports are made for the customer using the recording form.
  • Customer will receive quotation for revision, possibly quotation for replacement.
  • After an order for overhaul, required parts are ordered or manufactured.
  • Any machining of the jacket or rod is performed: honing, chrome plating, etc.
  • Before assembly, the cylinder and parts are cleaned.
  • Assembly and testing, if necessary purchase by RINA / Lloyds / etc. for classification
  • Possible preservation of cylinder
  • After finished assembly on location or transport to customer