NEW CERTIFICATES for Specken Hydraulics: ISO 9001:2015 and SCC* 2008/5.1


To overhaul or not to overhaul hydraulic cylinders

Damaged cylinders need not always have to be replaced with new cylinders. Specken Hydraulics inspects critically: Is overhaul possible? Is it a technical price wise? Or is a long delivery from a new cylinder no option by stopping the production machine.inder overhaul banking

The workshop Specken Hydraulics is equipped with a cylinder overhaul bench. We can dismantle and overhaul hydraulic cylinders up to 5 meters. To open cylinders, we have developed a hydraulic system: Working force of the tool is 350,000 Nm! With our honing tool we hone 1/1000 mm of blemishes. Specken Hydraulics overhauls hydraulic cylinders and gives them new production time.

Hydraulic cylinder revision process:

  • Cylinder disassembly by our staff if necessary on site or delivered in our workshop.
  • Mechanic receives order form with details, photographs are taken.
  • Reporting to customer
  • Offer for overhaul, any offer for replacement.
  • After receipt of purchase order required parts are ordered, or manufactured.
  • Any treatment of sheath or rod are performed: honing, chrome plating, etc.
  • Before mounting cylinder and parts are cleaned.
  • Assembly and testing, if necessary classification witness by RINA / Lloyds / etc.
  • Option, preservation of cylinder
  • After testing completed assembly on site or transport to customer



Your advantages

  • Wide range of hydraulic parts
  • Fast delivery times
  • 24/7 emergency field service
  • Well equipped workshop
  • Mobile workshop availability
  • Pumps & motors testing upto 730kW
  • ISO9001 and SCC* certified

Specken Hydraulics

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