Overhaul hydraulic skidding system

The working pontoon is 190 meters long, 50 meters wide and 11.40 meters high, with a capacity of 30,000 tonnes. The pontoon has a system for launching jackets, a so-called skidding system. Specken Hydraulics has been commissioned to overhaul the entire skidding system.

The skidding system was located in the Waalhaven in Rotterdam, where it was dismantled and transported to Nieuw Beijerland. A complete overhaul took place here. After the customer and RINA (classification, certification) were purchased, the cylinders and power packs were transported to the dry dock in Portugal. Installation and testing took place here.

Specken Hydraulics was also commissioned to operate the skidding system during the launch of the offshore jacket in the North Sea between Norway and Scotland.

The use of our 20ft workshop container was highly appreciated in both Rotterdam and in Portugal, Spain and the North Sea.

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