For shipyard in the north of the country, we overhauled the Knuckle-boom crane from MOV Zr Ms van Kinsbergen in the summer of 2015. The work consisted of:

  • Disassemble the crane on location
  • Disassembly crane workshop Specken
  • Revision of hydraulic components
  • Replace hydraulic hoses
  • Revision of mechanical components
  • Replacing mechanical components
  • Replacing electrical components
  • Gear ring revised and with new seals
  • Slewing engine inspected and tested
  • Blasting and preservation according to specifications
  • Assembly faucet
  • Tested crane, EKH inspection

Following an oil analysis, it was found that oil replacement was necessary, also electrical malfunction resolved and various components replaced. After installation on board, EKH inspection was performed on the operation of the crane.